Portland Strip Clubs

A strip club is sometimes described as a gentleman’s club and provides enjoyment of all kinds to guys of adult age. At these clubs guys can purchase a variety of drinks while enjoying the company of gorgeous female exotic dancers. There are different kinds of dancers available for the discerning man and his fetish :  Gothic, fit, curvy, emo, punk, dominatrix, sweet, redhead, blonde, brunette etc etc. . The commonality they all share, is they love to remove their clothes in front of you.

Portland Strip clubs are the best place to meet up with friends and colleagues for an amazingly good time. Even with a lot of rules and codes of conduct, the party can get wild and crazy for those looking for the perfect night out. Visitors can ask for a special table dance where an exotic female dancer will join them at their table and get uber intimate. The dancer will dance with their garments on then slowly remove one article of clothing after another in front of your eager hungry eyes. Our dancers are so gorgeous and friendly you will be crying for more time with them.

During a lap dance, the guests, usually men should not be rude or ungracious but instead should tip the lady well if they approve of her dancing. We also have lap dances at a private space in the VIP areas. It is definitely recommended for the most intimate experiences.

Pole dancing is a specialty of Portland strip clubs. Gals dance around a pole and captivate the onlookers. The most effective component of the dance which appears to delight the majority of men is the gradual teasing strip procedure where a professional dancer will provocatively dance while shedding their garments to entertain the guests. Enuff said ! Come visit us today.